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Christmas Package STEP BY STEP 2024: Step by Step to a Christmas Gift with Meaning!

Combine beauty, inspiration and a love of philanthropy in the unique STEP BY STEP 2024 Christmas Package! This gift is not just an ordinary collection of products, but an experience full of motivation and opportunity to change the world for the better. With this package, you will not only get an amazing gift for your loved ones, but you will also support someone in need.

What does the STEB BY STEP 2024 Christmas Package consist of?

STEP BY STEP Diary 2024 - A Daily Guide to Your Goals

The diary will become your daily partner and will accompany you throughout the year. It will help you reflect on your life mission, dreams and goals. You will realize what you have to be THANKFUL for. You will recognize what makes you unique and you will discover that nothing is impossible. In addition to an insightful calendar, motivational quotes, and a holiday overview, uncover the secrets behind the mindset and journey of world-renowned charity award-winning athlete Patrick Le Giang. Become a master of your time and life!

STEP BY STEP Socks by Fusakle - Stylish comfort with overlap

You can never have enough socks and these socks are special not only because of their appearance, but also because by buying them you are supporting someone in need. We created the socks in collaboration with Fusakle. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but every step in them supports the activities of the STEP BY STEP Foundation.

Bracelet STEP BY STEP - Symbol of the size of your heart

The bracelet is available in two variants: 'Every Step Counts' or 'Keep Walking'. The text on the bracelet personifies our message, which is to remind you to move forward, step by step, day by day, towards your desired goals

May this Christmas season bring you and your loved ones joy, inspiration and positive change. Step by step.

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Christmas package

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Step by Step Diary 2024

A few years ago, a boy from Filakov uttered the sentence, "I will change the world!"

StepByStep Socks

By purchasing these socks, you are helping children with severe medical or social issues with all proceeds from each pair.


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