Children's oncology Svetielko nádeje in Banská Bystrica
A sportsman with a big heart Slovak football goalkeeper Patrik Le Giang some time ago supported the civic association SVETIELKO NÁDEJE (LIGHT OF HOPE), which operates at the Clinic of Paediatric Oncology and Haematology at the Children's University Hospital with Polyclinic in Banská Bystrica. During his visit to the hospital in January 2019, he donated a symbolic cheque for 2,400 euros, which he managed to collect to support the projects of the Little Light of Hope. During the visit, he presented us with his step-by-step plan to help those who need it the most. I still remember Patrick's visit to this day. He brought a lot of positive energy to the children and parents and a pleasant distraction during a difficult time of treatment in the hospital. He told them about his sporting achievements and plans. He even brought his goalie jersey and gloves for the kids to try on. We were very pleased to visit this successful, goal-oriented young athlete, who can be a role model not only by his sporting achievements, but also by how hard he tries to help others. Many people reacted very positively to his visit and it is absolutely great that Patrik has motivated several people to help together with him. People like Patrik Le Giang make our world a better place and remind us to stay human and think of those who need help more than we do, even in these challenging times. We appreciate it and thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Our fingers are crossed that Patrick will continue to do great things, one step at a time. Thank you for his great help to the little heroes!

Vanda Prandorfyová
hello I don't even know how to start so first of all thank you again if it wasn't you I don't know so when we found out that you will help us we were very happy that even tears were falling down and we didn't even believe our eyes when we found out that we are going to Adela because it is a pretty big amount. The problem was that our mother was lying down and we as parents didn't know how to help him and we didn't have that much money but we tried to contact people and look for some information somewhere. Without your help, Matasko would not be like he is now because it is much better with the papani and the movement when we found out that we were going a second time was a big surprise and such a warmth in the heart that Matasko will help when the day was D when we went we did not even want to believe that we are there again. Matiasko learn to eat slowly , and his movement is much better

Matiaskova mama
Gabika Dědková
I met Patrik shortly after his surgery and I already knew at that moment that he was a special person. And because of that, step by step has come into my life and is a daily part of my life and the lives of my loved ones. It means to me a daily motivation and a way to motivate others. I would say that meeting Patrick and learning about step by step, first of all, has opened up a whole new perspective on the world for me. A world that is happier, positive and full of new possibilities and the realization that every step, no matter how small, still moves us closer to our dreams.

Gabika Dědková
I used to know this phrase only from American sitcoms. More than three years ago, I had the privilege of meeting a man who gave those three American words a different, deeper meaning and significance for me, and not only thanks to the bracelet I still wear today. One of the cornerstones of the STEP BY STEP Foundation - is Patrick Le Giang - a man who enriches, inspires and moves others forward A man who can change the world for most in a matter of seconds and show how people should treat each other, a man who can name the unnamed, speak out loud the values that I also recognize - humility, love, honesty and happiness He trusts people, helps them selflessly, motivates them to do good things themselves. Not on the internet, not by "liking" and sharing, but by sharing in real life. He found his I, his good I, long ago and passes it on. He has taught me many things, but most of all that together we can change the world, make it better and that "Pass it on" works and always will. He once told me that he admires how I can "materialize" my thoughts, feelings and wishes on paper... It's not difficult to put a few words into sentences, Patya It's you I admire, that you, unlike me, can turn those words, wishes and thoughts into reality. You've completed a project you've long dreamed of and that has already helped so many people, especially children, to make this world a more bearable and beautiful place. Thanks to you and all those who helped you to fulfill your dream and create the STEP BY STEP Foundation, I know that this project will work because you are the best guarantee And I also know that you now feel a huge obligation to people, to children, to the whole world to "pay even more rent" for the fact that we can inhabit this planet. I wish the foundation to take the right direction and never end... Fingers crossed and congratulations!!! And thank you for everything every other word is unnecessary here

Lenka Boháčiková
Step by Step a Patrik Le Giang vo Fiľakove
We are proud that our school has participated in the upbringing and education of such a great person as Patrik Le Giang. His exceptional talent for sports and rare human qualities full of help, charity and philanthropy are reflected in his life philosophy throughout his life. He is an example that even an ordinary boy, from an ordinary town and an ordinary housing estate, loving football and people, can step by step become a prominent figure in social and sporting life and a role model for many pupils who dream of a similar life. Under the name of their project "STEP BY STEP", every year before Christmas they hold events connected with Patrick Le Giang and his friend, fitness coach Matej Halaj at our school, the Farská lúka Primary School in Fiľakovo. The tradition is a boys' football tournament for Fiľakovo schools, discussions with Patrik, whether for pupils, but also for citizens and the general public of the town of Fiľakovo as well as Christmas markets organized by our school. What a Christmas it would be if we didn't also think about those who need help. Patrick's big heart is shown here and during his visit, fundraisers are regularly organized to help those in need. We always look forward to meeting Patrick Le Giang, who is an essential part of our school life. On behalf of all the pupils and staff of Farská lúka Fiľakovo Primary School, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Patrick.
Marián Bozó
riaditeľ ZŠ vo Fiľakove
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