Something to leave behind...

About a year ago I uttered the phrase, “I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!”

I understand, for someone absolutely impossible, too bold and
etc… I encounter incredulous looks and opinions,
such as Take off those rose-colored glasses! Wake up!
You should fall back to earth and stop flying in
in the clouds! Well I’ll tell you why I’ve been away from that moment
I haven’t let go of that thought for a second. The turning point
was one thing – DECISION! And with it, hand in hand, FAITH.
Faith that it was possible. It came naturally, from within, and I
I realized what I saw meaning in, what fulfilled me and
that makes me feel happy.

I met and got to know a lot of new people during that year
and those people have given me feedback that
the world can be changed. We can do it! Every single one of us! But
how? How can I, one small article on this big
planet, in this universe, among 7 trillion people, something
change or influence? My answer is: CHANGE YOURSELF!
Start with yourself, work on yourself, on your inner
happiness and fulfillment. It’s going to sound selfish, but you know who is
the most important person in your life? YOU! The person, o
who you have a duty to take care of in all aspects
of life. Put yourself first. Yes, I know what they are
your reactions. I encounter them almost every time I
I talk about this subject. But let me ask you. Do you think that
you can make someone happy when you yourself are so
don’t feel that way? How can you love someone else and give
love when you don’t love yourself and reject yourself, constantly
finding faults and flaws? Start loving yourself
and accept yourself as you are. When this acceptance happens,
then the transformation can begin. It doesn’t work the other way around. And don’t be afraid! Ask questions, your inner self will always give you the answer and will never deceive you. I have tried it and I can say that
it works. It works and if I can do it, anyone can do it
of you. One of the most common questions I ask myself
is: Am I happy? Does it fulfill me? From my own experience, I can tell you
I can confirm that when you’re doing something that you’re not happy and
you’re doing it begrudgingly, there’s no point. Rather or
it will catch up with you. So it’s better to look at the truth
and be honest with yourself. One of the
most important characteristic of people that affects lives
of everyone’s lives is personal integrity. The degree of integrity
depends on how honest we are with ourselves at any given moment
of our lives. Especially when no one is watching.
That determines our character. I believe that for a person
is always actions and not words. Words can do a lot,
but if they are not backed up by action, they remain empty
words. And this is especially evident when it comes to
“tough”. Always do what fulfills you, what you see
meaning and what your soul yearns for. This is the infinite
driving force that propels us forward.

And people started joining me. In that year I
I’ve been confronted several times with the phrase, “You’ve changed my life, thanks to
you’ve made me a completely different person!” It’s one of the most beautiful
compliments and tokens of appreciation that a person can receive.
But it’s not about me, it’s always about each one of us. Those people
wouldn’t change if they didn’t want to. Well I know I’m
I’ve shown them the direction and the way to go, because I
walk it and I walk it with great fulfillment and happiness. A
people see it, believe me, happiness is like a magnet, everyone
…and every person wants happiness the most. So again I repeat.
BEGIN WITH YOURSELF! I’m not saying it’s the only way, it’s just
an angle, a path that I’ve taken that works.
And it’s working for more and more people. And the most beautiful thing about it
is that those people are taking it further because it fulfills them
and all of a sudden not only your neighborhood starts to change, but the neighborhood
people you know, and eventually you find that because of your
“caressing” you have also affected the people that you
you’ve never met in your life and you don’t know. We are all
connected and we influence each other’s lives. This
realization filled me with happiness. And I figured out what
is the main reason. It’s exactly that each of us
is special and can change the world. I’m behind this
I’m going to stand by that idea, and my goal is to be able to
when I leave this world to say that I’m here after
I’ve left something behind, and this world is a better place than
that it was when I came into it.

So my “self-care” has brought people into my life, situations, opportunities and many other things. And I at coincidences. Nothing in this world just happens and everything happens for a reason. But sometimes it’s very hard to stay and look at things with perspective. But believe me, it is and it’s been confirmed to me over and over again. Well in this case patience is very important. One only finds out after a while, why this happened and then that happened. That each one situation influenced the next one, which in turn influenced the next one. It is it’s like a jigsaw puzzle that starts to fit together and and the beautiful thing is that it never ends. Life is beautiful and it’s up to us how we make it. I’ve been I choose to be happy. Because my definition of happiness is: Happiness is a decision! HAPPINESS IS A DECISION! A we all have the right to choose. It’s up to us.