Staň sa súčasťou STEP BY STEP rodiny

A few years ago, a boy from Filakov uttered the sentence, “I will change the world!”
Football goalkeeper Patrik Le Giang founded the STEP BY STEP Foundation, which inspires, educates and financially supports children and youth. It guides the younger generation towards a healthy lifestyle and helps children with a difficult health or social story.
Last year his inspirational Step by Step diary was published for the first time and met with a very positive response. Now comes the second instalment for 2024.
In addition to a clear calendar, holiday overview, motivational quotes, you will learn about the mindset and journey of the athlete who won the prestigious World Charity Merit Award in 2021.
The diary will become your daily partner and will accompany you throughout the year. You will reflect with it on your life mission, dreams and goals. You will realise what you have to be grateful for. You will recognize your uniqueness and discover that nothing is impossible.
By getting a diary, you will support someone in need. Proceeds from last year’s diary went towards rehabilitation for Leonardo, a little warrior, which will take him one step further towards his longed-for goal of walking independently.
“Thank you for choosing yourself! You are the most worthwhile investment you could have ever chosen to make. By getting this diary, you become part of our STEP BY STEP family, and we warmly welcome you to it. From now on, we will walk and help together,” says Patrick Le Giang.
STEP BY STEP Diary 2024
Binding: V/8 – hardcover with leatherette
Extras: pocket on the inside of the boards, two bookmarks, handy elastic band for closing
Number of pages: 200
Genre: motivational diary
Dimensions: 165 mm width x 230 mm height

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Step by Step Diary 2024

A few years ago, a boy from Filakov uttered the sentence, “I will change the world!”

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