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Andrew was born at 26 weeks gestation sized at 24 weeks after severe pre-eclampsia weighing 560g. His condition was critical due to his low birth weight, he received a lot of transfusions, but still managed to breathe on his own for the first 3 days.

However, his lungs eventually tired and he ended up on artificial ventilation, which became his companion for a very long time. After three weeks, his small intestine ruptured and he was rushed from the neonatology clinic to the intensive care unit for bowel surgery. He had almost no hope, it was more than certain that his little body would not be able to handle such a difficult operation and we would have to say goodbye to him. However, he managed the operation, although there were complications in the form of resuscitation, which thankfully worked.

Andrew’s condition has slowly started to improve, although he is still taking a lot of medication, he has an adrenal gland disorder, kidney stones, had a couple of hemangiomas, and problems with his eyes. He still didn’t want to breathe, but he was slowly gaining weight. Another operation of bilateral groin strip followed, some sepsis here and there and so he was almost every weekend taking medicine and infections. After 3 1/2 months in the hospital, we were finally able to take him home. To keep us from getting bored in between doctor visits, the little one came home with an ileostomy that “decorated” his belly until he was 9 months old, where his third surgery followed. Because of the stoma, he was not at all happy on his tummy, didn’t want to eat, and overall was very tiny and weak.

After the surgery he rested and we started rehab, which he didn’t like at all, he still shakes at the word Vojtovka. So we stopped practicing the Vojta method and gave him another break, because of another surgery, his fourth, where he had an orchidopexy. His development is very slow, he only started to roll over at one and a half years old, crawling at two years old and at two years and four months he can sit up, get on all fours, but he does a lot of things wrong and we want to correct this so that he can literally step into life on the right foot, as he has been diagnosed with DMO (Cerebral Palsy). He is a very outgoing and smiley child who is fidgety, crawls wherever he can and loves to smile at everyone.

Andrejko is now just over 3 years old, he still can’t walk, although he tries to walk along the furniture, but his back and belly are very weak to be able to stand without support. Additionally, we are due for a psychological assessment in December to confirm the autism that we have been observing in him since he was very young.

Your donations and contributions would be used for stays at the Hendi facility, where we are going for the third time, where Andrejko already knows everyone well and works with the physiotherapists with a smile on his face.


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